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The most frequent boiler problems: causes and solutions
If the boiler at home gets stuck or gives problems, the inconveniences are considerable: no hot shower, heating that does not work, continuous water leaks. Although the modern boilers offer high quality performance and standards, they are unfortunately not free from defects of various nature. It is therefore a good idea to know the most common problems related to boilers and to know how to intervene to solve the situation. Let's see together the problems that can occur most often with your home boiler.

Problem number 1: Hot water with sobs
A classic: you are in the shower and suddenly the water becomes cold. The situation is really annoying. If the hot water suddenly becomes cold or does not stay hot as long as it should, this is due to the too low pressure of the Hot Water Heater NJ, due to the presence of lime scale on the boiler heat exchanger, or even to the bad boiler regulation. The intervention of a technician specialized in boilers is necessary.

Problem number 2: Block in Boiler
Why does the boiler go from time to time? It may depend on the supply valve dirty or clogged (so to clean), by the water pressure too high (to be brought back to the optimal value of 1.5-2 bar) or by the draft of the exhaust gas (must be cleaned and adjusted by specialized technicians). It can also be a pump problem (possibly to be unblocked), a sensing candle or closed radiators. Call trusted Hot Water Boiler Service NJ immediately!

Problem number 3: Insufficient water flow
Open the tap and note that the water that falls is not enough. The power of the water jet depends on the flow rate of your boiler and its regulation. If the boiler has to heat water and even the house, the power will have to be adequate accordingly. Before buying your home boiler, consider your water needs, the number of existing bathrooms and any specific needs.

Problem number 4: The boiler loses water
This is also a very common problem. If your boiler leaks water, the pressure is probably too high: the condensation that forms is transformed into water and therefore a leak occurs. In this case, a good solution can be to vent the heaters: open the relative valve to let out excess water. Generally it is always better to vent the radiators in the fall, just before putting them back into operation.

Problem number 5: Hot water not coming out
The first thing to do is check the boiler pressure: the pressure must be between 1.5 bar maximum 2 bar. Never exceed 2 bar pressure, otherwise you will overload the boiler and risk losing the safety valve located under the boiler. At this point, if you notice that the pressure is less than 1.5 bar, try slowly to raise it through the filling valve located under the boiler and bring it between 1.5 and 2 bar. Check that the pressure remains stable and does not exceed 2 bar.

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