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Seven Good Reasons To See A Therapist

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You might wonder, do I need a therapist or when should I see one. Well, though you can see a therapist for anything you like, these are among the most common reasons people do.

7 - No Job

Being unemployed and unable to find a job can bring one on the verge of severe depression. Your self-esteem gets to such a low point, that you lose your faith in your skills and abilities.

A therapist won't be able to replace a headhunter. Moreover, our fees can be a burden under the given circumstances. However, most people in this situation find therapy very useful. Our non-judgmental support is your best chance to vent emotions without repercussion and to find a supporting shoulder to cry on. Many people find this "no work" period useful for evaluating their career path and perhaps to try to identify new directions for their professional development.

6 - Lack Of Physical Health

It's already well-known that emotional health and physical health are tightly intertwined. Whenever we have to put experiences and feelings side by side, we tend to make choices based on feelings rather than reason, and this takes a toll on our physical health and well-being. People suffering from severe medical afflictions now choose psychological treatments alongside their pharmaceutical and nutritional therapies. Overall health involves balance, that's not a myth.

5 - Lower Than Average Health (Either Physical, Mental, Or Social)

Many people enjoy a fairly good physical health, but wish for living long healthy lives that stretch beyond their 90s. Others aim for achieving top performance in their areas of activity, but find themselves unable to overcome their mediocrity, despite all opportunities for success. I've said it before, but I do feel the need to repeat, therapy is good for more than treating various mental disorders. It can enable you to live a better life by helping you identify, acknowledge and overcome your unnecessary blockage, your limiting beliefs, and your anxieties. You don't need to say goodbye to your therapist as soon as you overcome your arachnophobia. You may want to address your success-phobia next.

4 - Overwhelming Emotions

Anger, trauma, loss, sensitivity and fear can be a tremendous burden at times. It is so bad that it appears unmanageable. Therapy can help you decipher and accept your emotion, so that you can contain it, and move on to finding out what has triggered it in the first place. People can make choices they regret afterwards, or say painful things under the pressure of their own emotions.

3 - Lack Of Emotions

There are lots of people who aren't able to express or identify their emotions. They acknowledge those moments when they should feel happy, sad, angry or afraid, but they can't feel a thing. People in their life confess they find it very difficult to connect, as the lack of emotion makes that impossible. After many years of practice, I've come to understand that the inability to access emotion can have a huge impact on one's life. Emotions are the ones that make people hold a grudge for years, suffer for weeks only to avoid a short conversation, or fail to live their most meaningful moments. Therapy can enable these people to overcome the blockage and access the emotion that makes them alive. Nonetheless, you have to be aware that this is a thorny journey, as your emotions might be blocked for a good reason.

2 - For Pleasing The Ones You Love

If your nature is to do good to people around you, maybe you should start this work with yourself. Would improving the person you are now, your conversational skills, your empathy, your ability to get closer to people impact those around you? Of course it would! Why not lead by example, enticing others into becoming curious about themselves, and starting their own therapy? When you become a better person, you impact the lives of all people you get in contact with.

1 - For Yourself

According to Socrates, "the unexamined life is not worth living." Whether you share this belief or not, you should stop for a second and ask yourself what are you doing with your life. Is it the best life you can ever aim for, or are you hurt by old injuries, relationships, or habits that prevent you from achieving what you wish for? Since our time on this planet is limited, you may want to take the decision to follow through your past resolutions and try out therapy sooner rather than later.

Just ensure your choose a good therapist. Take your time, follow some tips, and let yourself guided through darkness. The light is out there, waiting for you to see it.

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