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Keeping Your WIFI Safe from Malicious Intruders

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Using an open or unsecured WIFI network is not the best way to keep the privacy of your network safe from intruders but the facts show that using the conventional protection is not much better either. Even if your WIFI is secured and protected with a password, you may still have systems that are vulnerable to the attacks of malicious hackers.

The headlines are full of reports of home networks being hacked, and smart devices accessed. From baby monitors to the surveillance cameras protecting the home, the stories indicate that it is now the time to take the security of the home seriously.

The following article will cover five important ways to keep these networks protected.

#1 Change your Wi-Fi settings

The first line of defense is to have a suitable name and password to apply after installation. This way you’re not using the default options that came with your setup. The network will assign a default name, but anyone can access this and a clever hacker knows how to generate the most obvious passwords found online. By changing the name and using an obscure sounding password that makes sense only to those using it, is the best way. Then consider picking a more complex password than your birthday, street address, mother’s maiden name or anniversary. Instead, use a combination of figures that can be hard to predict.

#2 Change your router settings

Just as you changed the settings for the wireless network, you will want to adjust the default setting at your router as well. Make sure you have your own secret, impossible to predict password as the admin of the router. The router’s admin can control the firewall, which will only allow the devices you know to be connected and can disable many external sites. The admin can access all the information that has passed through the router, so it’s not something that you want to fall in the hands of a hacker.

You will also want to ensure that your router is using WPA2 encryption. Encrypting the data being processed is the best way to ensure no one is listening into your private conversations and online activities. With encryption to scramble the data, even if there were someone listening into the network, they wouldn’t be able to make sense of the data without a key. If you are using equipment that is older, you will want to upgrade your technology so that you take advantage of the best security options.

You can check your level of protection yourself. Open your wireless network property window and look for the spot that indicates you have WPA@ encryption in place. If you don’t see it, it is likely you don’t have it and are at risk. Upgrading your equipment will protect your from security breaches. If your equipment is old and you want a new router then consider taking advantage of the offers available to those who change provider - you can do this with Simply Switch compare broadband.

#3 Make sure the firmware is up to date

One of the most effective actions a homeowner protecting their home network from intruders can take is to make sure their router’s firmware is kept constantly up to date. The firmware tells the routers hardware how to work. Unlike software updates which can be done automatically, a firmware device is only upgraded through updates available from the providers of your network service. We recommend penciling in an update every three month or so.

#4 Use a VPN service

Signing up for a VPN, is another way to protect the privacy of your home network. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and provides privacy for your network by hiding it from the rest of the digital community. Various services provide VPNs and most often it requires installation into your computer.

Following are some of the more reputable services that provide VPN:

Private Internet Access: $6.95/month
ExpressVPN: $12.95/month
NordVPN: $11.95/month

#5 Check the security on every device

Even after taking all these measures, the digital realm can still be manipulated and breached by someone who knows how. It will be important to also check the devices on your network that could be vulnerable to attacks. While many have built-in security features you will want to make sure that these are present and in order.

Take a look over all the devices that could be connecting to your home network. Obviously you will want to begin with your computers, mobile devices and laptops and tablets. But, your fridge and thermostats can be connected as well. Security cameras and systems are one of the most important and are generally protected with pretty sophisticated technology, but they are still vulnerable from attacks through the home networks.

For every device that will be connected to the home’s WIFI follow the instructions below.

--Ensure that the firewall is present and activated on all operating systems.
-- Change the passwords and the default settings

-Check for firmware updates available from the manufacturers.

The good thing is that many of these devices will already have a security feature in place. Many will even require passwords and technology that thwarts hacker’s attacks. Keep this in mind as you begin your own protective measures and add more technology to your life styles.

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