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Propane Gas Stoves

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Barbecue cooker is broken into carbon oven, gas barbecue cooker, electric oven and microwave dishwasher and solar barbecue stove.
The solar barbecue furnace utilizes the principle of collecting heat to produce the food grill and stew, also uses the principle of photovoltaic capacity to generate the battery charge and the entire machine run. First, the solar power may get heat through the lighting, heat transport, heat and so on, so as to achieve the purpose of food dish, stew and so on. Secondly, solar systems absorb solar power to electricity, and provide power for the automated monitoring system of solar power. The automatic monitoring system of solar power consists of photosensitive tracker, both engine and other components. It can correctly monitor the azimuth of the sun anytime and anywhere, in order to attain the effective assortment of solar lighting.

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Principle of charcoal bronchial dish furnace
This highly futuristic product can attain the highest temperature of 350 levels, realizing that the purposes of water, grill, porridge, soup and so forth. In the winter of 40 degrees below zero, as long as the sunlight is adequate, the toast, apple, sweet potato, chicken chunk, and mutton string can be realized. Unlike traditional ovens, even the food that is cooked by this gear isn't directly baked, therefore it does not eliminate moisture and food becomes moist and tastes really good. Notably for the soup, because it is similar to a slow fire, it becomes hot gradually, and the warmth inside the tube is also uniform. The stewed food gets dumb and rotten.

Barbecue grill is a kind of gear for barbecued mutton string vegetables, barbecue and so forth, and carbon oven is the most frequent. Almost every Chinese town's grill stores and barbecues stalls can see carbon ovens. At the weekend, then the barbecue cooker is carried on the car to the area, while chatting, drinking, enjoying the pleasure of the barbecue, relieving the tricky work of the regular job, and incorporating bright places to the lifetime of the city, is a new product that may enhance the quality of people's lifestyle.

Principle of microwave furnace
Barbecue toaster is a barbecue gear, it may be utilized for mutton, barbecue and other grill meals. Barbecue stove can be divided into 3 types: air oven, gas grill cooker and oven. One of them, the gas stove and electric oven are popular without fumes and pollution-free goods. The common barbecue stoves available on the market are apple cooker, rectangular stove, portable cooker and so on.

Solar oven is a brand new product manufactured by the Solar Power Inc.. For two years, the high temperature thermal energy generation technologies in the solar energy sector has been successfully transformed to a new solar energy merchandise, such as solar barbecue, solar pot and solar energy.

Generally, stainless steel is used as the furnace substance. By electronic heartbeat, four separate high temperatures crystal red gas heating plates are all heated by the heating and combustion of gasoline or gas to inhale food to the iron plate. The digital pulse switch with energy saving controller can also control the size of the flame and control the temperature of the iron plate, and that is practical and convenient.

Rule of gasoline grill furnace
Microwave oven can use microwave to pass through insulating material such as ceramics, glass, plastic and so forth, but it doesn't consume energy ; and the meals containing water cannot pass through the microwave, and its power is made from the features that are consumed. The shell of microwave oven is constructed from stainless steel and other metal materials. It can stop microwave from escaping from the furnace, so as not to affect people's wellbeing. The containers for meals are made from insulating materials. The electron tube, also called magnetron, is a microwave generator, which generates microwave with vibration frequency of 2 billion 450 million times per minute. The unseen microwave can permeate the meals 5cm deep and transfer the water molecules from the food, along with the intense exercise generates a whole lot of heat, so the food has been cooked.

At the practice of burning, charcoal would be that the carbon dioxide released. It's colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burning, and there is no smoke itself. A common barbecue stove smokes when making goods, because it induces acrylic and condiments to fall to carbon flames when creating goods.

Rule of solar barbecue furnace
Principle of electrical burning oven
An immediate burning oven that directly acts on meals by a heating source, the food fat drops immediately when barbecue, with no oil caliber, in other words, the procedure for no oil frying and frying, so the food contains less petroleum along with the roasted food is the actual barbecue taste.

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