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Your Very Own Crash Course on Waxing
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[caption id="attachment_15269" align="alignright" width="389"] By: Karolina Mis[/caption]

How can you figure out which hair removal option is going to be the best choice for you? It's a difficult decision!

For a good technique which is somewhere in the middle, waxing is often a good choice: you get longer than if you shave, but it isn't as painful or as intense as opting for a laser. So if you are wondering what the process is like, get yourself ready! Here is a crash course provided by the professionals, Jacqueline Steele Beauty Studios!
How Waxing Works
When you wax you get to enjoy smooth skin for a couple of weeks - we view it as a semi-permanent hair removal option which removes the hair from the root. Pretty much anywhere on the body can be waxed and you can get special wax types, as well as varying techniques depending on the body part. You can wax your eyebrows, your face (lip, chin and so on), your bikini area, your chest, your legs, your abdomen, your feet, in fact, waxing is not just for women, it is common among men too! Actually, a lot of estheticians who work in wax salons have said that they often get a phone call from a woman who wants to make an appointment for their boyfriend or husband who feels embarrassed to call to make the appointment themselves. Get with it guys, you don't have to be embarrassed, you just need to embrace your hair removal needs!
The Various Types of Wax
Wax comes in two common types. Strip waxing is where the esthetician puts a thick layer of wax on the area with the use of a stick, a piece of special material is then placed over the wax. The material is quickly ripped off, moving in the opposite direction to the hair growth, which removes both the wax and the hair.

Hard wax refers to the process of spreading warm wax over the area rather thickly without the use of a special material to place on top. As the wax cools it hardens so that the esthetician can rip the wax from the skin, I know this probably sounds pretty nasty but it is actually better for sensitive skin.
Concerns Over Hygiene and Health
If you are new to waxing and are thinking about making an appointment you need to look out for a few key things. Salons who ask you to complete a questionnaire related to health issues, medications and allergies show that they care about whether waxing is right for you or not.

Be sure to choose a salon which is clean and does a clean paper down for each new client. Another key factor is that the esthetician should wear gloves during the waxing process - your skin is very vulnerable right after waxing so the use of gloves ensures that it is protected. Double dipping should never happen - once the esthetician has used an application stick they should not use it again but rather pick up a new one. Finally, you should be provided with disposable panties to be worn during the waxing as they are a whole lot more hygienic than your regular ones.
Kits For Waxing at Home
It's possible to wax at home too. You do the hair removal in the same way but it is vital that you know how to heat the wax. Putting it in the microwave can cause the wax to burn or heat unevenly, instead, place it in hot water to allow the wax inside the cartridge to melt.
A Few Great Tips
Wherever you plan to do your waxing, be sure to follow these great tips. Make sure that the skin you are going to wax is rash, acne and wound free. Do not shave prior to waxing - you need hair that has a length of at last 1/4" so that it can be pulled out. For longer hair, a trim can make the waxing a little easier on the pain front (and for me personally I take a few painkillers about 30 minutes beforehand so that they are already starting to take effect when the waxing commences!)

After your waxing session apply oil to the skin straight away to get rid of the leftover wax. A little sprinkling of talc can also stop the skin from wetting and also soothe areas that are feeling irritated. There are also people who wait 12 hours before taking a shower or wetting the area since this can cut down on the risk of infection or irritation.

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