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Why Is Video Advertising Enticing?
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[caption id="attachment_15168" align="alignright" width="359"] By: Thos Ballantyne[/caption]

Nowadays, video marketing has become one of the most popular types of advertising. Did you know folks are four times likely to respond to a video ad over a written text? As astounding as the statistic is, some companies have still not gone down the road of video marketing. In order to gain more customers, businesses should become more aware of this marketing tool. Learn more about its appeal here.

Three Reasons Why Consumers Are More Responsive To Video:
1. They can better relate:
As a whole, the human race tends to be visual, meaning we use sight when taking things into consideration. This tendency to use vision means we can grasp a better understanding of something when learning about it through video. In turn, consumers become more trustful of a particular product or business. Also, voice expert from Voice Fairy states, "A person tends to remember something when they have viewed and heard it instead of just reading or hearing about it."
2. Videos save time and are more convenient:
Let's face it, life can be hectic; we are always on the go. Most people want to find the simplest, quickest way to do things in order to save time. This is where video marketing becomes helpful. It allows you to view the video as you are doing something else. Also, many written ads are long and time-consuming. Though a consumer wants to find out as much as they can about a brand or product, they do not want to spend a long time doing so. A person can view an ad through video 50% quicker than if they were to read it. Since so many people have short attention spans these days, this makes video ads much more appealing!
3. Advances in technology:
Since the Internet is so easily available, it is no wonder why people want to make use of it. With the Internet, you can look at video wherever and whenever you want to on your smaller devices, such as your cell phone or tablet. It is very hard to read an ad on your cell phone since the text is usually rather small. You may literally get a headache as you squint to look at the text! And let's not forget how frustrating it can be to have to scroll every 20 seconds. With video advertising, you can avoid these issues altogether.

Let's not forget about social media. For many people, social media platforms are part of their everyday life. It is common for one to share something they like with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When someone shares your video on their page, it will be viewed by a very broad audience, which of course, leads to more likes and in the long run, more business!

In conclusion, most people tend to be drawn something they can look at rather than something they have to read. This is perhaps why video advertising has become a popular choice for businesses when it comes to advertising. If you have never used this form of advertising, you can use the tips above to help!

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