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Europe travel guide - let’s talk about your next t

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If you want to have the best trip of your life, then you should travel around Europe. Yes, you heard it right. There is no more exciting vacation for a young person than a trip to Europe. You will definitely have a memorable experience. From Greece’s beaches, to Amsterdam’s coffee shops, there is nothing you could ask from a vacation and you will not receive in Europe. The majority of people prefer backpack trips around Europe, because they find it the best way to discover its hidden beauties, but you decide what option is better for you. If you want to travel around Europe by car, then it is far better, because you will be able to visit more places. In Europe there is not a single country similar to another one. Every season has its beauty, so it does not matter when you will visit it, the Old Continent will definitely blow your mind.
What the majority of people do not know is that Europe is the easiest continent to travel through, because it is accessible even to people who travel on a budget. Anyone, from college students to seniors can travel it around. If you plan to have the trip of your life, then the itinerary is not the only thing that should concern you. There are some other things we should talk about.
Let’s talk budget
Have you established your budget for Europe? You may have difficulties in doing it, because you do not know what to expect. First, Europe is not as expensive as North America, but not as affordable as Asia. This means that you will not have to make financial efforts to travel across the continent. When it comes to accommodation you can early book your hotel rooms, and you will not have to pay more than 25 euros per night. Plan ahead, and decide where you want to spend the night, and you will know how much you will spend on accommodation.
When it comes to transportation, it depends where you are from. If you travel to Europe from the USA then you should check how much you will have to pay for the airplane ticket. There are some air companies known for their affordable fees. If you want to travel from a European country to another, then you should check the air fares offered by Ryan Air, because they are the cheapest airline from Europe. In case you want to travel by car then you should check the cost of the fuel in the countries you want to visit. And make sure that the vehicle you drive has a rack.
When it comes to food the prices will vary according to the countries you will visit. The Northern countries are known for their expensive prices at food, but if you stay in the southern part of the continent, then you will be able to have great dinners for no more than 10 euros.
Let’s talk season
Have you decided when do you want to travel to Europe? Actually, it does not really matter the time, because Europe is beautiful in all the seasons. There is not one perfect time to visit the Old Continent. The right moment is when you want. If you love winters, then visit Europe during winter, and you will take part in the most amazing Winter Wonderlands you will ever see. If you want to visit the Northern countries, then you should choose the summer months, because winters can be quite harsh in Europe, especially if you travel from a place as Australia. But there are also countries that are quite warm even during the cold season. But if it were to offer you a piece of advice, it is not recommended to visit the continent during the high season, because it will be too crowded to be able to admire its beauty. You will find the trip annoying if you arrive there during the high season, because everyone will push you, you will be bothered by the heat and the prices will be at their highest points. If you want to travel on a budget, then you should plan the trip from October to November, and from January to April.
Let’s talk transportation
Have you decided how do you want to travel around Europe? Are you a backpack traveller? Do you want to admire its beauties from the back of the wheel? One amazing option would be to take your car, because it will allow you to move without having to wait for the train. In this case you should make sure that you find a luggage rack that fits your car, because you will have to store there all the luggage you take with you. If you do not want to take your own car, then you can rent one. You can rent a car with crossbars in Italy and hand it in France, because car rental providers work together. The majority of European countries have great train systems, but there are also places where you will have to wait a lot for the train, and you will hardly find the station. If you want to travel by train, then you should put on your list of countries to visit, the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Spain. It will not be so great to take the train in Romania or Italy.
Let’s talk borders
Have you decided the countries you want to visit? Great. Then we should talk borders, because you have to make sure that it will not be difficult to travel from one country to another. If the countries you have on your list are part of the EU, then you will have no issue in visiting all of them, because there is no border strop. But if you want to visit states that are not part of the EU, then you will find the process as more toll, because you will have to show your passport at every border. Therefore, it is advisable to have Europe Visa, because it will offer you the possibility to visit all countries, being they members of the EU or not. Also, you should know that there are countries like Switzerland that are not part of the UE and that have their own border rules, so make sure to check them, even if you have a visa.

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