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One of President Donald Trump’s previous associates was Sater. There were civil fraud tax charges filed against Sater. He cofounded a real estate business called Bayrock which was prosecuted. The qui tam case involved a whistleblower filing on behalf of the state. In this type of case the attorney general’s office makes the decision as to whether or not to intervene. Fred Oberlander was the purported whistleblower. The attorney has at one point in time represented a business partner of Sater's named Jody Kriss. This led to the money laundering suit being filed against the real estate company.


Oberlander admitted the information for his qui tam complaint came from information provided by the original complaint of Kriss. Federal judges struck this information from the record. A lawyer at the hearing stated the argument was not favorable for Oberlander. He believes the complaint will be dismissed due to the information used by Oberlander. The federal judges declared this information confidential when it was removed from the record. Afterwards, Sater along with his lawyer Robert Wolfe did confirm the case has been dismissed.


The office of the Attorney General decided not to intervene. A letter was sent by Eric Schneiderman in February 2016 to notify the Supreme Court of New York that Oberlander had sent a misleading press release. This release claimed the case had been approved of by Schneiderman. The truth was the State had already made the decision not to intervene. To protect the interest and rights of the state the attorney general's office intended to continue monitoring the case. As Sater's attorney, Wolf made a statement. He said the dismissal of the case had nothing to procedural grounds but was based on merit. He stated an attorney involved with the case and Oberlander had both been sent to the DOJ for this misconduct on two separate occasions. The charge for their part in the proceedings against Sater was criminal contempt.


Lerner said he was going to appeal the decision for the case to be tossed out. The original lawsuit was in 2010 against Bayrock and Sater. This involved Jody Kriss as the previous finance director. She had no part in the qui tam case Oberlander filed later on. The allegations stated Bayrock was owned by the mob. It was also stated the pattern of related crimes was continuous including numerous instances of breaking the law such as money laundering and embezzlement.


As the founder of Bayrock, Tevfik Arif was accused along with Sater by Kriss of cheating him through fraud, racketeering and money laundering out of millions of dollars. The ruling of the New York judge was to allow the case to move forward on the charge of racketeering. The complaint Kriss filed stated Arif and Sater began speaking with the Trump organization in 2003. Specific projects were to be marketing using the Trump brand. Trump was not told about Sater's criminal history.


Trump made a deposition in 2017. He said if he had been known about Sater's past he would not have partnered with Bayrock to develop Trump SoHo. He additionally stated he could not identify Sater even if they were placed in the same room. At one point in time, Bayrock had an office in Trump Tower just two floors underneath Trump on Fifth Avenue. An anonymous individual stated Trump and Sater conducted standardized meetings every week. Sater gave a deposition and said he did meet on a constant basis with Trump. He said Trump placed value on his loyalty along with his connections in Russia. Trump's 2007 deposition said it was ridiculous to believe he would invest in Russia.

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