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In 2015 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, made a deal with President Park Geun-hy of South Korea to help Korean comfort women. In this deal, Japan offered a formal apology to all the women affected. Japan also gave South Korea 8.8 million dollars to help care for these women. South Korea has also set aside a matching 8.8-million-dollar fund to help care for the women as it decides the best way to use the money Japan has given. One of the reasons for the deal was to remove This issue from their political relationship. The hope is to put this painful part of history behind them and move forward together.

Comfort Women is the name given to women who were forced to work in "comfort stations" brothels for Japanese soldiers. Possibly hundreds of thousands of women from Korea, Philippians, China, and other countries invaded by China worked at these stations from 1932 to 1945. The recruitment of these women often included corrosion, rape, or purchasing them from their parents. According to many comfort women, testimonies the conditions of the brothels were unsafe. The women reported rapes, pregnancies, sexual diseases, and bleak conditions.

For decades the comfort women were undocumented. Many documents from that time are missing. There are only a few dozens of the comfort women left alive. In the 1980s comfort women, stories began to come out in South Korea. Since then more and more stories about the subject have come out. In 2011 activist-built statues in Seoul honoring the women. Hong Kong and San Francisco also have statues.

Japan has repeatedly apologized for their actions involving the South Korean comfort women. In a statement made by Yono Kono 25 years ago, Japan admitted to their part in coercing South Korean women into comfort stations and apologized for their actions. Yono continued by stating that they would face this moment in their history head on and take its lessons to heart.

The issue of these woman being forced to work in these brothels is a deep wound to the country. It has helped put a divide between Japan and South Korea. South Korea has accused Japan in the past of not doing enough to acknowledge their past mistakes. Abe the president of Japan had even considered missing the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang South, Korea. The president did attend the Olympics. He also wanted to spend some of his time there meeting with South Korea.

There is no way to erase the past history that happened between South Korea and Japan. This deal with Japan is a good start to heal old wounds. This deal shows that Japan acknowledges past wrongdoing and is trying to make amends. It also shows that they are trying to take care of the victims affected by them. This deal will go a long way in healing relations between the two countries. Now the two countries can look past this event in history and work together to make a better future.

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