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A Wild List Of Business Acronyms To Know

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The world of business can be rather complicated. It's not surprising that an industry outsider may struggle to understand basic business terms. With all the lengthy acronyms that make up marketing jargon, it's a wonder that the business world understands itself. That being said, here are some acronyms you’ll need to know.
1. B2B (Business to Business)
The term B2B refers to the process of one business selling or marketing to another business. There are several companies that cater mostly or solely to other businesses, as opposed to individual customers. In most B2B transactions, other companies get the first pick at products before they are offered to the general public.
2. B2C (Business to Consumer)
B2C refers to the standard business model of a company providing services or products to an individual consumer. B2C transactions include things like travel, auctions, banking and more, in addition, the traditional retail transaction.
3. BR (Bounce Rate)
The bounce rate is the rate at which a visitor "bounces" away from your website. Similarly, BR can refer to emails that bounce back from reaching someone's inbox. For example, if you are experiencing a high level of email BR, it is likely that you have several invalid or inaccurate emails on your mailing list.
4. CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing)
CAN-SPAM is an American law that intends to prohibit businesses from sending email without first receiving permission. Ultimately, the CAN-SPAM law requires all businesses to have an unsubscribe option in all email communications. Additionally, businesses should refrain from adding email addresses to their mailing list without first receiving permission.
5. CMS (Content Management System)
A CMS system makes it simpler for individuals to create or update their websites. CMS can refer to any website or the system like WordPress, Joomla!, TextPattern, Cushy CMS, ExpressionEngine, and more.
6. CPC (Cost Per Click)
Publishers use CPC as a method to charge for their advertising space. Advertisers will pay according to cost per click, meaning that if a visitor to a website doesn't click on an ad, the advertiser will not be charged for having their ad shown. This allows advertisers to only pay when their ad has effectively led to a visitor taking action.
7. HRIS (Human Resources Information System)
HRIS refers to a system that merges human resources with the likes of information technology, such as HR software, but what does an HRIS do? Basically, it stores and organizes Human Resource information, such as birth dates, pay rates, hours, benefits, and more.
8. CPM (Cost Per Thousand)
CPM is also used as a way to charge advertisers for showing their ads. With CPM, advertisers will be charged based on the number of views their ads have received. As M is the Roman numeral symbol for thousand, advertisers are charged based on a thousand views.
9. CTA (Call to Action)
A call to action is just what it sounds like – an ad or promotional copy that encourages visitors and followers to take action. This is the most integral step in converting visitors to buyers. A CTA can present itself in the form of a link, a download, a coupon, or a newsletter that you want interested consumers to act on. The CTA ultimately works to encourage visitors to continue engaging with your brand.
10. CTR (Click-through Rate)
The click-through rate refers to the number of people that follow a link or linked ad, resulting in visitor “clicking through” to see where the link goes. CTR's are used to determine how successful an email or advertising campaign has been.
As you continue to break down common business acronyms, you will undoubtedly find that the terms themselves are relatively easy to understand. Use these 10 definitions as a guide to pave your way into discovering the intricacies of business lingo. If you enjoyed this article, here is an even larger list memorize.

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