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On the 28th of December 2015, the Japanse government made a landmark decision in its offering of 1 billion yen to current survivors as well as the families of Korean women who were used as comfort women by Japan during the years leading up to and throughout Worl War II. The South Korean government has for its part acknowledged the issue to be resolved with this monumental payment and the Japanese government accepting its fault in the situation that occurred during the World War II era. This is a big move forward in general over this issue that has had its share of controversy. There are activist groups in Korea who still feel there is more to do, but the South Korean government has stated that Japan is making the right progress forward on the long burning issue between the two countries.


The history of this final compensation was a long and winding one on its way to a resolution on an official level. During a 1965 treaty over this issue, Japan paid out $800 million in money to the Korean government as compensation for the practice during wartime. 1994 saw Japan do more in regard to compensating former Korean comfort women. The Asian Women's Fund was initially founded as a way to facilitate distribution of funds. The biggest controversy regarding this settlement was that the fund was generated from private money's and not from funds distributed by the Japanese government. The 2015 settlement has made sure to take care of that discrepancy.


The truth of the matter is that the issue has always stirred up much controversy as well as disagreement. The Japanese government initially delved into the situation on a further level in the 1990s but came up with results that showed inconclusive evidence of comfort women stories being any sort of legitimately state-sanctioned practice during Imperial Japan. Japanese studies certainly concluded that there were comfort women testimonies of being abducted by soldiers of the Imperial army but that there was no evidence it was sanctioned by any command from the military itself. Women who allege to have been involved in so-called comfort centers report varying types of treatment ranging along the spectrum of good to bad. The facts seem to line up with Japan's findings that real proof of outright, large-scale abduction seems to be lacking though this version has been widely publicized.


The overall feeling is that this settlement reached between Japan and South Korea is the right way to move forward in putting a close to this chapter that has been a strain on relations between the two countries. This is exemplified in South Korea's decision to remove a comfort woman statue that had been placed in front of the Japanese embassy. It seems that the Japanese government is really trying to do things the right way this time in regard to resolving this long lingering sense of damage over South Korean comfort women. Though they may represent a dark time for the world in general, the latest efforts on the part of Japan are continued proof that the Japanese have been and are continuing to try and do the right thing regarding a resolution.

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