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The Rs3gold Team Get Ready For PvP in FFXIV

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A few days ago, Square Enix announced a new game video of the returning of Lightning in FFXIV, which means FFXIII will be occurred together with FFXIV. The detail releasing time of Lighting will be on November 14. Buy ffxiv CD key to welcome the returning of Lightning!Full Active Time EventsFull Active Time Events are a special kind of event that may occur at random while exploring the https://www.rsgoldfast.com/ world in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Cheap final fantasy xiv CD key will be more helpful in Full Active Time Events.

The basic type of Full Active Time Events is simply a fight against hordes of weak enemies. However, some Events also may include stronger Notorious Monsters or other objectives.The rewards for completing Full Active Time Events are generally gil, experience and grand company seals, while some Events may give unique item rewards or achievements.LightningLightning is the main protagonist of FFXIII as well as the second main female protagonist in a mainstream numbered Final Fantasy game. From November 14, Lightning will make an appearance in one of the Full Active Time Event as a non playable character of FFXIV.

In addition to appearance as a person, Lightning will also incarnate as shokanju – Odin to join the battle.RewardsAfter November 14, you can fight alongside with Lightning. If you accomplish the challenge, you could receive weapons and armor from FFXIII. Moreover, if you collect all the equipment and equipped for your character, you would be able to fully reproduce costumes of Lightning for women and Snow Villiers for men.In the battle, Lightning will wear the equipment from Miqo'te race.

The trails of getting this equipment are hidden in Nova Chrysalia world. You also can get weapons and armor from Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah and Gridania by completing extension tasks.That is a turning point for Final Fantasy. It will be undoubtedly increase the fun of the game. Lightning and her familiar specialized equipment, including the Orcs clothing which can be replaced will appear from FFXIV by November 14. Buy final fantasy xiv CD key to make sure you will not miss that!The Rs3gold Team Get Ready For PvP in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn With Cheap FFXIV Gil

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