Tips for Maintaining your Luxury Watches

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A luxury timepiece is something beautiful to look at, beautiful to wear and an excellent investment. But a luxury timepiece should also be looked after. You can put the watch in a vault and leave it for years if you want to, or you can wear it daily, but either way - take good care of it.

Here are a few tips for looking after your watch

Follow the instructions
When you buy a new watch or even a slightly used luxury watch, it will come with instructions. Read the instructions as they will tell you how to look after your watch. Your watch will have a warranty but will also come with information on servicing, cleaning and general information. Follow the instructions so that your luxury timepiece really does last you through time!

Keep your timepiece clean.
You do not need to be fanatic about cleaning your watch, but you do need to clean it every now and again. If you are wearing it daily, it may get a little dusty or dirty. You can use a soft cloth to wipe down the wristband every now and again. Once every two weeks should be just fine. All you need to do is loosen any dirt or dust that may have gathered over time. Keeping the watch face clean is also important and a soft cloth will do the job too.

Keep the box
If you can get into the habit, keep your watch in the box that it came in. When you take it off at night, store your watch here. This way, your watch does not get scratched. If you do not have the box, make sure not to put your watch ‘face down’ on a surface, as this is how it will get scratched. A watch will also get damaged if you keep it on its side where the crystals are. Get into good habits from the very beginning. If you have a soft cloth to keep your watch on, do this too.

Service your watch
It is a good idea to have your watches serviced every few years. A watch, especially a luxury brand, will last for a lifetime but you do need to care for your watch too. It’s not a bad idea to have your watch serviced, whether in warranty or out of warranty, to ensure it stays in perfect working order all of the time.

Stay away from magnets
You are probably not playing with magnets at this stage of your life, but know that magnets can, in fact, affect the way your watch keeps time. If you’re helping your child with his science experiment, or you use magnets for work, rather remove your watch.

Some luxury timepieces are specifically made for the deep ocean, but not all watches are water resistant. Some may be good for snorkeling, some may be good for deep sea diving and some may not be good in the water at all. When you buy your watch, check how water resistant it is. Ask the questions about water. If you swim regularly, you want to buy a water-resistant luxury watch. Read your instructions and if you do swim with a watch that you should not swim with, take it for a service immediately. Remember also that water is not great if your watch has a leather strap - remove it then, even for washing dishes or while taking a shower.

Most luxury watches are designed for all weather conditions - rain, snow, ice, heat - but be careful, nonetheless. Some watches may fade in the sunlight and heat can also affect the battery life. Just like a smartphone, avoid putting your watch in direct sunlight and leaving it there for a prolonged time.

Only put your watch on when you have finished washing your face, washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor and putting on your cologne. All of the chemicals in any of these materials can be damaging, in particular, to leather wristbands. Do your chores, have a shower, spray your perfume, and only then, put on your watch. And if you are going to be using chemicals in the day, take your watch off before you get into action.

The crystals in your watch
Even if you have the most luxurious of all timepieces, be careful of the crystals. Your watch should be able to endure a fair amount but - be careful and take care of the crystal. Don’t bang your watch in frustration, don’t smash it into a wall, don’t smash it at all! Be gentle. Of course, the beauty of a good timepiece is that you can wear it for anything - dinner, sport, cycling, football, work, hiking - without thinking or worrying about it, but still, take care.

Watchmakers are there for a reason
If you do suspect there is something wrong with your watch, take it to a specialist watchmaker or watch cleaner. Let the professionals deal with the problems. Do not try and open your watch on your own. You will lose the little pieces and also expose it to dust and dirt. Professionals have all the experience, they know how to look after watches. Let them do it for you!

You do need to maintain your watch just a little, even if it is a top quality luxurious watch. Read the instructions, take decent care of your watch and you should have it for years and years. And don’t forget to enjoy it too!

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