PlayStation 4 Review In Progress #1 - First Steps

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It’s been almost 6 years (on May 1st) that this F2P action combat fantasy MMO Tera, manufactured by Bluehole Studio and published by En Masse, hit our Windows PCs. Last week En Masse unleashed their console “7-day head start” program onto any players who purchased among four Founder’s Packs or even members of Twitch Prime. As being a frequent player from the Windows version my primary knee jerk response each time a console variant hits is “would it offer anything differently to get a PC user” and “how will it play on console in general”. In this multi-part review, I’ll make an effort to dig deeper into those questions while hopefully drawing in new Tera players who could have originally shunned it due to being strictly a PC release. This is our Tera PS4 review beginning #1.

The arena of Tera began a good, long time ago when two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met in the formless void. For unknown reasons they dozed off. And as they slept, they dreamt, as well as their dreams become reality. Their dreams generated the formation of twelve gods and associated “mortals” (i.e races). The gods eventually traveled to war based on scheming, rivalries, etc. The gods also brought the mortals in the war’s battles. These wars left most from the gods dead, imprisoned, or otherwise not diminished. The god wars also impacted the mortals as some races were damaged. Others, much like the Baraka plus the Castanics, emerged in the conflict itself. And as Tera begins, the Humans, High elves, Amani, Castanics, Baraka, and Poporis have banded together to address a menace from beyond their world called the Argons, a metallic race through the Underworld.

Tera is surely an action combat MMO that you aim your attacks and dodge telegraphed attacks out of your foes. The telegraphs are visible red zones, that can be found in different size and shapes, on the surface for the current mob you’re engaged with. There are thirteen classes inside Windows PC version using the Reaper class unlocking after you've a toon at level 40. Another original characteristic of Tera was simple fact you’ll encounter BAMs (a.k.a. “Big-Ass Monsters”) in dungeons and open-world content. Tera is often a free-to-play experience, without having artificial cap on classes, zones, your skill, etc. All the content from the game could be experienced without buying anything. There is certainly an in-game store which offers cosmetic items and services to create your journey to finish game a tad quicker, in addition to, their paid subscription

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