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Cancer: It is not a contagious disease

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Cancer is a disease that is hardly unknown to anyone. The causes and effects of the same have made people scared of it. It is quite evident that cancer is a frightening disease or word. Everyone is aware that some person in his knowledge got seriously ill and eventually passed away due to cancer. It is said that cancer usually happens to older people. Kids do not get cancer usually, but as it affects them, it is able to be treated very frequently. They get cured.

Definition of cancer

Cancer can be said to be a collection of a number of diseases which are mainly concerned with cells of the body. Cells make the tiny units which form all livings things as well as human body. In the body of every person are present trillions of cells.
Cancer occurs as cells that do not tend to be normal, begin to grow and multiply extremely rapidly. Usually, cells in the body grow as well as split and are aware to stop increasing. In due course of time, they die as well. Dissimilar to the normal cells, these cancer cells usually keep on growing and there occurs in them the uncontrollable division and they do not go through the process of dying as is the case with normal cells.

These cancer cells normally make groups or cluster or clump together in order to give rise to tumors. As a tumor grows, it turns into a lump of such cancer cells that are able to annihilate the normal cells found around this malignant tumor and begin to destroy the health tissues of the body. By such a condition a person can become seriously sick.

Seldom it happens that these cancer cells separate from their parent tumor and start to move to various parts of a person’s body, there these malignant cells continue their growth and are able to give rise to new tumors. In this way, cancer spreads in a person’s body. The spread of these tumors to new locations in the body is referred to as metastasis. All such conditions can be diagnosed by cancer specialist in India accurately.

Causes of Cancer

You may be well acquainted with a kid who suffered from chicken pox, but you usually do not come across a kid who is ill with cancer. Experts say if a football stadium is a pack jammed with the kids, most likely you will find only one kid to be suffering from cancer.

Doctors are not able to explain why a few get cancer whereas others do not tend to it. They are well aware that cancer is not any sort of contagious disease. You are not at the risk of getting cancer if someone in your presence is ill with it because cancer does not spread with germs just as flu or colds. So you are not needed to be worried about other people having cancer. You can eat, talk and also play with them without any danger.

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