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Take Advantage of World Wide Events for Marketing
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After every four years, the biggest sport in the world takes place, FIFA World Cup. World Cup is not only the most significant stage for sports but also the most significant arena for marketing. For instance, in the last World Cup in Brazil, there were more than 1 billion viewers. The World Cup is an incredible opportunity for both large corporations and small organizations to capitalize on after every four years. There is room for every company to take advantage of the one-month long soccer tournament to market their products and services. Currently, many companies are releasing the potential that World Cup offers. For example, Adidas had a goal of being the most talked about brand at the 2014 World Cup. The company achieved this through real-time marketing including the appropriate use of social media to go ahead of its competition.
Official partners of FIFA like Coca-Cola, Visa, and Adidas play a significant part in the World Cup’s direct marketing. These multinational organizations spend a lot of billions on print, digital, and social advertising with apparently high returns on investment. Coca-cola performed a remarkable job in designing powerful marketing messages during the 2010 World Cup. Pepsi also did an outstanding job although not being a sponsor in the 2010 world cup. Pepsi developed such a compelling marketing message for a big event that it was not a sponsor. To many, this is ambush marketing while some will call it opportunistic.
Ambush Marketing
Ambush marketing is when an organization or product tries to connect itself with the main event without purchasing the official right to do so. However, ambush marketing can be opportunistic at the same time. Ambush opportunistic marketing takes place when a brand delicately connects itself with something the event stand for. Moreover, there is an ambush by intrusion which is a common form of marketing. In this method, an organization tries to get exposed at the real event by placing advertisements or people in the arena. Bavaria beer stunt which happened at the 2010 world cup is the best example. The other form of ambush marketing is ambush with association. Ambush by association is a blatant kind of ambush marketing where brands seek to associate themselves directly with the event without following the FIFA laws.
Marketing is all about treading a fine line. Following rules is mostly right when ambush marketing is involved. Opportunistic ambush marketing is a brilliant practice that organizations must employ. Companies must ask themselves what they should do to take advantage of World Cup event without crossing the line. Just recently Oreo did an excellent job of treading on this fine line during 2013 Super Bowl. When a power outage caused the event to delay for 34 minutes, Oreo’s marketing team quickly came up with a witty, opportunistic advertisement which was shared on Twitter. The ad that read “you can still dunk in the dark” Had no explicit mention of the event because it was not a sponsor, but it aroused effective responses.
Worldwide Events, a Marketing Opportunity for All
Whether you are a small retail shop very close to the stadium or a local bar mile away from the event, your company can still benefit from such a big game like World Cup legitimately. You need to understand if your clients resonate with World Cup and if so find ideas on how these clients connect with the event and how best to reach them during the world cup time. Toy with the imagery of world cup without breaking the set goals. All industries have the potential for opportunistic ambush marketing in any world cup event. In 2010 world cup, mobile viewership grew by 24% at the time of matches as well as web traffic by 35%. Such kind of traffic is an excellent opportunity for online advertising, content marketing, and social media interaction. Through web development vs software development, electronic organizations can get means to exploit the mobile integration.
World Cup is currently the most significant sports event in the world as well as a grand arena of digital marketing. With more than 1 billion viewers from around the globe, the unbelievable amount of conversation as well as the build-up that takes place, the World Cup event forms the most significant place to be as an organization for your marketing. In addition to this, the duration of the tournament including the low cost of digital marketing is an opportunity that any business cannot afford to miss. Thus, organizations must strategize on how to make full use of the soccer championship games. Start-up organizations can also take up the opportunistic marketing in such worldwide events like the world cup.

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