5 items that you need in your bedroom
by Indy

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Bedrooms are the private sanctuary where you can relax and be yourself. While organizing that space, it should meet the three major "Ss" that is sleeping, studying and socializing. Your bedroom should show your personality and perhaps you can achieve it with a little bit of input. Creating a bedroom doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. I am here to help you in deciding what all items your bedroom needs.

Follow the 5 set of things that hardly any bedroom can manage without.


A good-quality Hybrid Mattress mattress that gives support to your whole body.It will give you a good night’s rest, making your day a lot energetic. The other option is a bit less comfortable but more convenient item, a sofa. Go for whatever makes you feel comfortable to sleep on.

Each option has their advantages and disadvantages. If it is a little room, feel free to turn your bedroom into a sofa room.

You may ask,What are dimension of full size mattress ?

So, the answer could be it depends. It varies from 150 cm by 210cm. And, also don't forget to use Adjustable bed frames

Full-length Mirror

True necessity for girls, a nice mirror in the bathroom and one in your bedroom. It is important to check your look before you step out from your house. Mirrors are lifesavers for small rooms because they create the illusion of more space and light. After sleep, I personally like to see myself from head to toe. You can place it on the back of bedroom door or inside your closet, in case of small space.

Wall décor

If nothing is to be seen inside your room, it will get boring. Advice on wall decor is difficult because everyone has a different liking. Being a woman and an artist I like to create handmade wall decor. If you have monochrome walls, buy or make own decor with a lot of colors and details. In monochrome case,e our eye is structured, so interesting details will grab quick attention. Wall décor can have different forms, it doesn't always have to be a hanging golden-framed picture on every wall. Anything of your choice ranging from paintings, photos, murals, collections of postcards or panels will work. Trust me, turning a plain wall into a work of art is simpler than it sounds.

Armchair or beanbag

No one can lie down on bed all the time. I know it is relaxing but bed is for sleep mainly. Hence something cool and relaxing other than you bed is needed. You can sit there for reading, working or chilling with your friends during the day. It could be an armchair or a beanbag, it is up to you.


For a better sleep, you can fill your home with beautiful plants in beautiful planters. They look great and bring life to your spaces. Women love the scent of lavender. It's also known for inducing sleep and reducing anxiety. Research says that lavender scents slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure too. Especially in women, lavender decreases rapid-eye movement sleep.

I hope this article has given you some ideas. Feel free to experiment and give your bedroom your own unique vibe.

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