Is Cannabis will cure Cancer?

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Cannabis or also known as the hemp (aka marijuana) plant and it is an oldest medicinal herb used in every civilization. The cannabis oil has remarkable properties to heal over a hundred ailments and many cultures have documented in their ancient texts about its healing properties. The human body contains a subtle system called the Endocannabinoid system that helps balance other vital systems. The molecular receptors in the system are designed to receive cannabinoids produced by the body and absorbs directly by consuming. These cannabinoids have antitumor effects and act as an anti-cancer agent to initiate programmed cancer cell death.

The number of researches has shown evidence of cannabinoids containing powerful ‘herbal chemo’ agents to counter against the tumor. Recently there have been anecdotal proofs of people, claiming to have self-cured some form of cancer using cannabis oil, but there has been no scientific research done to establish the claims. However, there is consensus within the medical community of oncologist that cannabis oil is powerful enough to relive the side effects of cancer treatment such as anxiety, depression, pain, loss of appetite and vomiting.

What is the latest buzz about the cannabis oil?

There is growing popularity for cannabis oil in the fitness world. People have admitted to using at least some form of cannabis oil like a snack, capsule, tea, cream and lotions for its essential benefits. There should be no doubt that Cannabis oil is safe and does not intoxicate; only another type of cannabinoid called TCH alters perception and mood. Cannabis oil offers tons of major benefits if used with the recommended dosage. Some of the few top benefits are

 Pain relief agent
 Reduces anxiety and depression
 Anti-seizure
 Neuroprotective
 treat skin disorders
 Diabetes prevention
 Improves overall health
 Fights cancer

The culinary world is also abuzz. A professional chef cooks the cannabis edibles in the form of special brownie or in some gastropub infused style. It can also be made drinkable by using Cannabis oil based concentrates in lemonade, tea and coffee. Some of the popular chefs like Michael Magallanes, Payton curry, Mindy Segal, Miguel Trinidad, Scott Durrah to name a few have claimed pro-cannabis and cooked innovative cannabis-infused food. They have the individual approach in their serving style. Some are in the offing to open event and classes while others are planning to launch recreational and medical line edibles across the country.
Although the list of benefits of cannabis oil is impressive, yet the legal issue in the US is the controversial subject.

The federal law strictly prohibits the use citing drugs though that have medicinal value are also vulnerable to abuse. The federal government, therefore, treats cannabis oil or any form of cannabis in the same category of restrictive scheduled drugs such as heroin, cocaine and meth. However, 29 states with cannabinoid specific laws in the US allow the use of cannabis oil for medicinal and recreational use. Legislation for rescheduling marijuana to this day is in the debate. However, the neighboring country Canada amended its laws recently introducing ACMPR or access to cannabis for medical purposes regulations that eased access to possess cannabis oil in Canada.

Individuals can register with health Canada and authorized by their medical practitioner to find licensed producers of cannabis oil. The only downside still remains is the time for companies to obtain the license for legal production. Peace Naturals Project Inc. is the first company to acquire the license for producing cannabis oil in Canada.

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