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Job-seekers often get hit with some common interview questions at nearly every job interview. One question that throws them for off the loop, time and again is “ Tell Me About Yourself
It’s not exactly a question, evidently – it’s a command or you can say that it’s a request. In this post, we’ll be calling it a question. No matter how you classify “Tell me about yourself,” the important thing is that you must have something smart to say when you hear it.

Often, this would be the very first question you’ll get asked in an interview. Hiring managers have very sensible motives behind asking this question, for instance:

• First, they want to see how you respond to a question which asked in an informal way and without any structure.
• Second, they want to understand what you consider to be “important”
So, in your next interview when you’re faced with the much dreaded question, “Tell me about yourself…”, try these:
Top 10 Ways To Answer Frequently Asked Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself”
1. “I live my life by ….…” starting your answer in this way proves that personal development is a crucial part of your growth plan. It’ll also show your ability to keep yourself motivate.

2. If you want to grab their attention instantly then try saying “I can summarize who I am in three simple words_________, ________, _________.”. This would demonstrate your ability to be creative, concise and compelling.

3. Another possible response that would offer an insight into your understanding of own self-awareness would be “Those who know me well say that I am ___________”

4. “My personal ideology is…” Companies hire competitors – not shortstop’s. This response shows that you are an intellectual and a thinker.

5. “I am passionate about…” Interviewer judges you on who you are. And what you are passionate about defines who you are.

6. An unexpected and impressive response would be “When I search myself on Google, I found people are saying ___________about me. “
7. “Since I was 18 years old, I wanted to be__________” Such an answer shows that you’ve been planning for a job like this for a long time, and it gives an impression that you have given due consideration to your career.
8. “Instead of telling you, I’d rather show you” If you are planning to use this response you must be prepared with a presentation that has all the details of various projects and trainings worked on in the past. This kind of response can be really impactful.
9. “If a movie was made on me, it would be named________” make sure you use metaphors that are interesting, engaging and entertaining.
10. “The people often compliment me by saying ___________” this would sound more like a testament; this answer would also indicate your level of self-awareness.

“Tell Me About Yourself” - Your answer to this question must connect the dots for the interviewer by covering all milestones from your very first job (or in case of freshers your degree) to where you are today. Mention all relevant points of your education background and work history to make the interviewer notice why they should hire you.

Few common mistakes interviewees make while answering “Tell Me About Yourself”
1. Reciting their resume and/or cover letters.
2. Telling their whole life’s story.
3. Asking meaningless counter questions like - What would you like to know?
4. Delivering a 10 minute long crammed monologue.

No one can guarantee your odds of getting shortlisted in any interview; your answer to some of all questions may or may not be liked. But the fact that you got the chance to appear for the interview is itself more than enough for you get motivated to give it your best shot.

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