What can you do if you are new in the DMO game

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Being a Digimon master is the dream of every teenager, and now the DMO game provides us with the path to realizing our dreams. In this game you can capture the digimon of various childhood dreams, grow with it, and eventually evolve. Therefore, more and more players choose to enter the DMO game world.
Here is the question: what can you do if you are new in the DMO game? You can view a variety of beautiful scenery, you can also pick up the tasks from the NPC and complete them one by one to get DMO gold and upgrade the level. Not only that, but you can also take the initial Digimon of your choice to defeat the enemy in the wild to upgrade the level of digimon and evolve. But it's important that the initial digimon is usually not very powerful, even they can accompany you through the beginning of the game. But these digimons are very weak when encountering high-level enemies, especially if there is no evolution.
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