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How Mazda Crossover SUVs Came To Rule The Road

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Every decade customer taste changes, and every decade seems to be defined by a particular kind of vehicle. The 60s had the pony car, the 70s had the station wagon, the 80s had the minivan, and the 90s had the family-size SUV. The SUV has remained king in the new millennium, but the past ten years have seen an explosion of innovation in the design of sport utility vehicles. Where the SUV of the 90s was large, boxy, and built on a family scale, the typical SUV of the 2010s has been smaller and more streamlined. Where the best selling SUVs twenty years ago were massive three row vehicles, the newest SUVs on the market belong to the new category of subcompact crossovers — SUVs closer in size to a sedan than a minivan.


This has led to a scramble among vehicle manufacturers to design new vehicles that can capitalize on this growing market, and of all the brands in North America, Mazda has been the most adept at meeting these new needs (if you go to a busy dealership in a major North American market like Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda you will find that crossover SUVs make up the majority of the line-up).


There are several reasons for this. As a smaller automotive company, Mazda has a greater ability to focus on doing a few things well. Unlike their larger rivals, who may be releasing up to a dozen new vehicles every year, Mazda makes most of its profit off of its three or four most popular cars, which means that it was able to put more effort into developing a really strong line-up of crossover SUVs. This has allowed it to pivot toward smaller SUVs faster than the competition.


Due to their deft handling, spacious interiors, and tasteful blend of luxury and practicality, Mazda SUVs like the subcompact crossover CX-3, the compact crossover CX-5, and the mid-size CX-9 have quickly become industry favourites. The CX-9 has been ranked one of the best crossovers on the market and was, alongside the CX-5 and Mazda 3, awarded best in class by the Canadian Automotive Journalists Association in 2017. All three have proven to be customer favourites as well, with steady sales across North America. Clearly, Mazda has tapped into a market that is hungry for affordable fun-driving alternatives to the traditional full-size SUV.


Like most automotive trends, the subcompact crossover craze will not last forever, and the history of auto design has proven that factors like price and availability of gas play an important role in determining what customers look for in a car, which in turn impacts what kind of vehicles are produced. If gas prices were to drop precipitously, it is likely that the trend toward smaller SUVs would reverse itself. Either way, as a company that has made a name for itself by doing a few things well, Mazda is ideally positioned to take advantage of whatever changes the market will bring in the next ten years.

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