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Effingham County Police

Today I woke up and went to school like any other day. I came home and went to get my hair done off of Sandhill road. It was a pretty nice day until I ran into cop number one and let me mind you, I am one of those people who go the speed limit and obey the law. I am respectful to everyone and really believe you should treat others how you would like ...

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Life imitates art?

You’ve seen the commercial about the guy in the wedding getting sports scores on his cell phone?
Well, I wasn’t that guy Saturday; I was the one providing the scores.
My lawyer calls me and has a job for me — to keep him updated with the Clemson-Georgia Tech score by text message. Can’t have the cell phone ringing in the middle of his wife’s cousin’s wedding.
That meant that first I ...

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Pigskin prognosticatons, Week 5

Another Friday of football. And this time both of our beloved high schools hit the gridiron at home. The last time that happened was Aug. 31 with both the Mustangs and Rebels emerging victorious.

Today, however, the competition will be fierce.

Unlike the win over Groves, South Effingham must face an up-start 3-0, hungry, pass-happy, athletic, fast Cross Creek team.
This team proves that pigs can fly. It's ...

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See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole took place all around our county this morning. We are getting pictures and numbers in from many schools.
Rincon Elementary had around 65 students, parents and faculty with Cole Oliver, Lila Fort and Trent Woodard leading the way.
ECHS had 65 students and about 8-10 adults.
Guyton Elementary had over 115 students, parents/siblings and faculty with 2nd grader Hunter Harvard reading the theme scripture.
SEHS had ...

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Week 4 predictions

Last week, both of our beloved football teams won. The Mustangs eeked out a 17-8 win at Bryan County and Effingham stopped Greenbrier 24-7.

Although both teams won, it was a night to forget. Two lightning delays and a drenched 3-hour road trip home put a damper on any post game festivities from the Augusta area, while South Effingham had one of its worst games of the season.

That’s ...

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