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Will divergent diamond sparkle? (Staff Blog)

The meeting will be in Chatham County and it will be about something to be done in Chatham County but boy will it have an impact on a lot of Effingham County people. The state Department of Transportation has scheduled an open house for Aug. 12 on its “divergent diamond” plans for the Highway 21/Interstate 95 interchange. The meeting will be held at the Georgia Tech-Savannah campus, just off Jimmy Deloach Parkway at I-95’s exit ...

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Rincon Traffic

Why are the big trucks and especially Logging Trucks still going through Rincon? Thought that was what the bypass road was going to fix.

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A welcome new road (Staff Blog)

I had the opportunity in the last few days to travel the new and final section of the Truman Parkway in Savannah, and it is superb. You have to get a little used to its terminus at Abercorn but it is a great way to get from the southside to downtown — if you’re in Savannah — and to places such as Grayson Stadium for a Sand Gnats game. I can see why it took ...

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Following a tangent's end (Staff Blog)

A call earlier this week from a reporter at another paper got me to thinking about a case that didn’t happen here but had some connection to the community. The call was about an accused couple who may have connections to here. So I asked about another case — the murder trial of Jeffrey Moretz, father of the late Chad Moretz. Jeffrey Moretz was found guilty of second-degree murder of his wife, Christine Moretz. He ...

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The trouble with snakes (Staff Blog)

There’s nothing like the text message late in the evening to be careful coming home — since there is, to quote, “a fat snake” on the carport. What kind of “fat” snake?, I asked. No one was sure. As it turned out, further investigation revealed that it did not have a triangular-shaped head, which was welcome news. Ball bearings had been tossed at the snake to see if it was alive, and when it didn’t ...

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