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Currington to take the field in Atlanta (Staff Blog)

Effingham County’s own Billy Currington will be playing at Turner Field next week. His songs, that is. Currington will perform following the Braves-Marlins game Aug. 6, with first pitch scheduled for 7 p.m. Admission to the postgame concert is included with the ticket price, and tickets are available from $8-$78. Seating for the concert is general admission. You can get a pit pass for $20, in addition to the game ticket, to get up close, ...

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Ten Easy Remodeling Projects

Just the thought of starting a remodeling project in your home can cause stress. When most people think of remodeling, they imagine a room, or rooms, being torn apart and rebuilt from the ground up. Though some remodeling projects are that extensive, there are plenty of smaller remodeling projects that can be done without tearing your home apart. Here are ten manageable remodeling projects to consider.
1. Paint. Repainting your home’s interior is a ...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, spring is almost here and that means it is time to tackle spring cleaning. Even if it is still winter weather outside, Good Housekeeping suggests that spring cleaning should actually take place before spring arrives. Let’s face it, once the warmer weather hits, the last thing we want to do is spend all of our time inside cleaning. Avoid being bogged down by the stress of spring cleaning and enjoy the ...

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Port Wentworth Police

Officer Clifton C.E. gave me a citation for impeding one car from passing me last night at 100 AM in the morning, on my way home from work. I told him that car was tailgating for a long time and hope by allowing the car to go around me, by going less than 20mph in the 45mph zone. The light just turn green at the Hwy 21 and I95 S on ramp. I was in ...

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Rincon Georgia


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