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Thatch roofing

What is thatch roofing?

I was in the Caribbean and noticed huts or houses with what looked like big leaves of some kind as roofing. I remember watching a beautiful young woman with little children walking out of her hut-home. I was surprised that people lived in homes with roofs made of leaves. So I did some research. Thatch roofing is roofing made from natural reeds, leaves and grass that is dried ...

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Tips for hiring a contractor you can trust

The question of who to hire to do roofing work is never an easy one. Whether you need a small area on your roof patched, or you’re having your entire roof replaced, it’s important that you choose a contractor you can trust. After all, you’re inviting this person and his/her employees to your home to do work that needs to hold up in extreme weather for years to come. If the contractor you hire can’t ...

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Weighing the cost of a metal roof

Metal is perhaps the fastest growing roofing option out there. And when you consider the advantages of metal roofing, it’s not surprising. Of course, as with any roofing material, roofing has its disadvantages as well. For instance it can be louder inside during a rain or hail storm. But the biggest setback for metal roofing, and the main reason many homeowners select asphalt shingles instead is the higher cost. A metal roof can cost 2–3 ...

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How to Best Take Care of Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are an often unappreciated part of the home. They tend to be ignored so long as they’re doing their job. But just like any other aspect of a home, the rain gutter system eventually wears down. Severe weather and poor maintenance can cause a rain gutter system to stop functioning properly. When that happens, all sorts of problems crop up. Water can get backed up on the roof drastically shortening the life of ...

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Insurance for roof damage

Many homeowners have asked the question, “Is it worth filing a claim with my insurance company to get my roof repaired?” There’s no one easy answer to this question. The truth is it depends on several factors.

What will the insurance company cover?
Before filing a claim with your insurance company, you should read over your policy carefully to see how much the insurance company will cover and how much you ...

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