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Jonathan Effortless Termed NHL's Moment Star of th

Jonathan Straightforward may perhaps consist of surged a very little as well late in the direction of acquire the Vezina Trophy this year -- thoughwe're striving he wins -- still he's really main the league inside at minimum amount 1 office Jack Campbell Jersey. Straightforward was identified as the NHL's minute star of the 7 days finishing upon March 20, which is the 3rd season he's gained Star of the 7 days popularity. No other ...

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Building Tradition

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a tradition that has been going on for 226 years! That tradition is the Effingham County Camp meeting. It is a week of food, family, and Jesus and it is something everyone should do once.

The evening began with community. We were welcomed into the Rahn family tent for a wonderful southern meal then we joined the Palmer family for some after dinner chatting. ...

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Wealth or Welfare?

I had a dream a few nights ago of a beautiful dinner plate resembling the remnants of a quilt. As I reached for the plate, I noticed a word engraved in its pattern. The word read: BARTER.

There is a remnant of folks, who will embrace the TRUTH.

The truth is we will BARTER FOR OUR FOOD.

Acts 4:32-35

All the believers were ...

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Naked Lady!!

Giving birth is no easy task, I know.

Its labor intensive pushing leaves one frustrated, exhausted, sore, and drained!

God impregnates each of us with our purpose in life, and it's up to us to "birth" it through PRAYER.

However, Satan has attempted to abort what God has implanted by rendering us helpless and hopeless in our present situations. I know this to be true, because ...

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Magical Diet Pill

I chuckled this morning, as I listened to the advertisement on the television. The ad suggested that the consumer could take a pill to lose weight. They go a step further and claim that a "CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE" is not necessary for one to reach their desired goal!

Are you kidding me?

Can I just say, "if it doesn't line up with the word of God, it won't work!" ...

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