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Trick or Treat?: ECSO Detains Sex Offenders

Trick or Treat?: ECSO Detains Effingham County Sex Offenders on Probation for Halloween

I intend to provide a commentary on an issue presented in the Effingham Herald’s recent article, “ECSO taking steps for Halloween safety.” Invoking precept three in Georgia’s “Terms and Conditions of Probation” (Georgia Code 42-8-35), which states that “the probationer shall report to the probation supervisor as directed,” the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office announced the detainment of probationary sex ...

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A lull in the storm (Staff Blog)

There is now a lull in the storm, as television viewers have been spared the onslaught of campaign commercials for the last few days. There are a little more than three months before the November general election, and campaigns are regrouping and restocking the war chests after a lengthy stretch between the primary and the runoff. And as the time dragged on, the campaign ads seemed to get nastier and nastier. We keep hearing how ...

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Early runoff voting ending this week (Staff Blog)

Early voting for the July 22 primary runoff is under way, though there will be no Saturday voting this time around. Early voting will take place until July 18 at the board of elections and registration office, 284 Highway 119 South in Springfield. The old Marlow Elementary School, which was in use for general primary early voting, is not open for the runoff elections. If you voted in the Republican primary, you can vote in ...

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Primary runoff concerns (Staff Blog)

The primary runoff — for those races that weren’t settled in May’s general primary — is still a month away. Some of the candidates are starting to bare their teeth in their TV ads. And now the next wave of endorsements is starting to roll in. State Sen. Buddy Carter, the leading vote-getter in last month’s 1st Congressional District Republican primary, just picked up an endorsement from former opponent John McCallum, who finished a close ...

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Story time with Bill Hitchens (Staff Blog)

When state Rep. Bill Hitchens spoke to the Rotary Club of Effingham County, he acknowledged he had his share of stories, and not just from his first term in the General Assembly. When he was a young state trooper, he was assigned to then-Gov. Jimmy Carter’s security detail. “I traveled with him, and I could tell a lot of stories,” he said. “I never dreamed he would wind up being president of the United States.” ...

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