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I was afresh in New York to accumulate with Kimberly from Eat Sleep Abrasion and Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook.We had so abundant fun beforehand this year in Rome with Bulgari and became actual close. I absent them so abundant afterwards that absurd trip! It was abundant accepting the aggregation aback calm in New York.

Let’s move on to Marni. Mom and I disagree here. While I like the shoes, the consciousness-expanding one ...

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Fall Fun: Do You Want to Carve a Pumpkin?

One of my favorite October traditions is pumpkin carving. On Saturday, I hosted--and survived--my first Pumpkin Apocalypse, and I must say it was the most fun I’ve ever had scooping pumpkin guts. Here’s the idea: Invite friends over for a pumpkin carving/decorating party. Have some food, some drinks, hang out, and carve pumpkins. All guests need to bring is a pumpkin and anything special they want to use for decorating or carving. The menu: I ...

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Thank you notes: A good practice to start young

My two just celebrated her second birthday. Friends and family visited and brought her some pretty terrific gifts. This year, since she is old enough to work a crayon, I decided to let her try her hand at thank you cards. I admit, I’m certainly not the best note writer, and I often fail to send thank you notes out in a respectable amount of time. But I want her to enjoy doing these things, ...

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Mothers Day. My daughter in law

I have looked for somewhere that I can praise and applaude my daughter in law for this Mother's Day weekend, that is approaching us.
I want to say thank you Staci. My heart is full of love and praise for you. You and your husband have five children. Three of which have M.D. and are in wheel chairs. They range from fifteen to eight. The youngest has not be dianosed as of yet but ...

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Princess Bella

Look at my brand new baby girl!!.....She is as beautiful as her Momma. Ashley I am sooooo proud of you----I know you'll be a perfect Mom. Thank you too Aunt Mel Mel for being there cheering Ashley on to get Little Bella out.....stubborn little thing she was!!.......I am just smitten over that beautiful little angel!


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