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GHSA state AAAAAA playoffs

The Effingham County Lady Rebels are in Stone Mountain, Ga. Taking on the Jaguars of Stephenson HS in the state AAAAAA softball play offs. Lets wish the team good luck and a safe return home. GO REBELS !!!

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Player Stats

Why are there no stats for the Effingham Lady Rebels softball team ? Every other team in our region keep and report stats on their players.I might add none,save Richmond Hill, come close to matching our record this season. These young ladies have given their all and some recognition should be forth coming. I understand that the initial reason was the loss of our sports reporter earlier in the year. But, someone could have picked ...

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Boost your testosterone level with Testropin

Coconut oil: Some have speculated that including coconut oil in the diet might also be a good means to extend testosterone levels. The high level of saturated fat within coconut oil and other advanced fats might alter male hormone production - helping stop low testosterone. TestoNuke from Wellbeing Global1.25John Moore2014-02-06 eighteen:08:54TestoNuke may be a new natural testosterone booster from Scotland, UK.
Dark chocolate: Some have speculated that high quality dark chocolate could facilitate boost ...

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Has anyone seen the size of #53 on the Mustang team? Who else has a 6'7" 295lb Left Tackle to protect the quarterback? Not enough coverage on this kid is all I can say. Look forward to watching him Friday night against Brunswick.

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A lasting memory of Coach Frank Kerns (Staff Blog)

I was barely 22 years old, still plodding away toward graduation and covering the Georgia Southern College men’s basketball team. At the time, they were under the guidance of the acerbic Frank Kerns, possessor of a deep voice that often ripped out profanities like a .50-caliber machine gun on full burst. But he could coach. He had Mike Backus to do the recruiting — and he was a top-notch recruiter — but Kerns had few ...

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